Online store (e-shop)

The online store is a type of dynamic website that allows you to get an very practical and flexible online fully functional shop. This way you get an alternative channel of distribution for your products and create alternative market for your business that gives you the ability to increase your sales and hence your profit. Below are presented in detail the features that are offered through an e-shop online store.

Present your products in detail

Through the e-shop you can show all your products with detailed information and pictures, to promote your new products, and to offer special discount offers. Informing visitors / customers is immediate and purchases made with simple and direct way.

Effectively manage your clientele

A key advantage offered by the online store is archive/registry management of your clients and the categorization with the criteria that will be set by you. This specialization allows you to create specific marketing policies to maximize your profit. You might also derive useful information and data such as the number of visitors that visit your e-shop, the way they learned about you, your most popular products, etc.

Get increased visibility for your business

Through Search Engine Optimization - (SEO) techniques we make sure that your website appears in higher positions of search engine results as indicative are Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. Thereby increased visibility for your business is achieved alongside along with increasing flow of visitors to your store which ensures the growth of your sales.

Make your transactions safely

To build websites we are using the Drupal platform that guarantees absolute security of transactions and prevents any leakage of your customers personal data. All orders and purchases are made through the Paypal payments system which supports secure payments with credit cards, electronic checks (eChecks and direct money transfer from the millions of users using this particular fine established payments system.


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