Web design

Web design is where where art meets science. Transferring your company's character into a project is a job that we know how to do well. We have years of experience in getting a brand of a company and creating a fully functional presence of it on the internet. Discussing with you and using user-driven techniques, we give your page a design that is functional both for you and your users. At Rightclick we are building alluring websites, user friendly, with correct structure of information and with the final result in our mind.

Why design of the website is so important?

Through a website the style of the company is communicated with the user, information relevant to the object of the activities and the people who compose it are provided. The website is the mirror of your business on the internet for this image the information shown is decisive. In Rightclick we create a design as beautiful and fast, addressing potential accessibility issues. An attractive design is always guaranteed by Rightclick while proper presentation and sharing of information ensures pleasant navigation and maximum engagement of the user on the website and therefore familiarity with products and services. Users browse the site and end up exactly where you want.

How design is performed.

The visual presentation of your company can be done in two ways.

Rightclick collaborates with distinguished designers who have demonstrated their talent in every work they have commissioned, able to capture images in the style, profile and objectives of a company for high aesthetic and special communicative web pages.

For those who consider the design of this website by a professional graphic designer, a luxury and unnecessary expense the using one of the prefabricated visual standards we maintain in our files, which is constantly being updated is also possible. The choice of model is driven performance style and profile of your company.

Once the artistic design of the website has been determined, our team ensures performance through proper layout of the site. The site that we deliver has the look you want and the specifications needed for optimal operation: correct structure of the website, distribution of information and structure friendly for search engines, achieving maximum speed and interactivity .